Our PKA helps parents/guardians to maintain an account for child/ward until they attain the age of 18. This account is managed by the parent/guardian, i.e the parent/guardian is the signatory to the account and handles all transactions relating to the account until the child/ward becomes an adult. Parents/ Guardians who maintain this account for their kids/wards will earn 3% PA interest on the account balance monthly. Withdrawals on this account are limited to 2 per quarter, further withdrawals will lead to an interest forfeiture for the quarter.

Requirements to open PKA


  1. 1 Passport photograph of the child
  2. 2 passport photographs for the parent/guardian that will be the signatory
  3. Birth certificate for the child
  4. Means of identification for the parent
  5. Opening balance of #3,000 (three thousand naira only)