• What is a PSP?

Prestige Savings Account

• What is required to open a PCA for a cooperative?

Fill the Prestige Corporate account opening form, board resolution from the cooperative, copy of bye laws

• What is the maximum tenure on all PMfb Loans?

12 Months

• What is the maximum interest rate on the PMfb rate guide?


• Who can access a payroll loan?

Civil servants who work with Ministries, Departments and Government Agencies.

• Who can maintain a PKA account?

An adult with a child

• What is a target and why do we set targets?

A target is a set goal that guides and measures performance.

• Who is eligible for a PMC loan and why?

An individual or a group of Micro Business owners in cluster or around the same location.

• What are the vision and mission statement of PMfb?

– To be the number one provider of best practice microfinance services in Nigeria with utmost respect and dignity to our customer.

– To invest in our people by providing the best of opportunities for growth, development and life long prosperity.